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Educating you about Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Smoking Devices

Electronic cigarettes are unique - they contain no tar, no tobacco and no harmful carcinogens. On average, E-Cigarettes work out to be 75% cheaper for the average smoker compared to tradiitonal cigarettes, making them a great smoking alternative!

Economical – up to 75% Cheaper Than Traditional Cigarettes!

Smoking an electronic cigarette will save you a lot of money with the equivalent of 20 cigarettes which usually cost around £7.50 costing around £1.60 through using a brand such as E-Lites, the financial benefits are huge. If you smoke 20 a day you would save approximately £1500 a year by switching to E-Lites!

No Tobacco, No Harmful Chemicals, No Tar!
Electronic cigarettes imitate the psychological and physiological process of smoking but contain NO Tobacco, NO Tar & NO Harmful Carcinogens. They can be available in varying strength levels so that you can continue to 'smoke' in your accustomed fashion but in a harmless manner. You can also buy some refills in Menthol flavour. They also don't give you Smokers Breath, which many smokers feel makes them social outcasts on many occasions.

e-lites electronic cigaretteLegal - 'Smoke' Anywhere!
They contain NO TOBACCO and are never LIT in any way - Thus entirely avoiding ALL smoking restrictions. They allow you to completely circumvent the smoking ban & provide you and/or your customers with a legal yet familiar way to satisfy the inevitable nicotine craving all smokers get. The products are guaranteed to replicate the smoking experience authentically. You can get plenty of "smoke" complete with a sumptuous & smooth cigarette taste.

If you are stocking electronic cigarette in your establishment you have at your disposal a USP & your customers will be grateful as they will not have to go outside to smoke.

Allow your staff to 'smoke' freely at their desk with this harmless & legal solution & see your productivity increase.

You may be the first licensed premises, office or public building in your town to offer legal indoor 'smoking' - over 300,000 businesses have chosen to do so worldwide so far with many more joining the ranks each day.

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